Carrie is wonderful to work with; a true professional, she worked quickly and efficiently and stepped in for us when we had a last minute presenter cancellation. She led a full day workshop for 200 nonprofit board members and executive staff on the topics of marketing and storytelling. She commanded the stage and kept the material interesting by injecting personal stories and offering prizes to incentivize participation.


Here is what our attendees had to say:

"Carrie is warm, engaging, witty, yet very focused on what she wants you to learn... a great teacher!"

"I liked it very much when she started speaking before arriving at the platform. It told me she was prepared, ready and eager to speak to the crowd."

"Professional, polished, yet warm and intimate; a great role model."

Thank you, Carrie!


Eileen Speaker

Grants Manager, Placer Community Foundation


Carrie was one of the speakers in the 18NTC session "How to Conquer Technology Distraction and Burnout and Be More Present for Yourself, Team, and Organization," along with Meico Whitlock and Beth Kanter. It was a fabulous session and touched on the individual, team, and organizational things you can do to be mindful about using technology. Carrie's section about external stakeholders was particularly interesting because she challenged us to create simple tools for people who are as distracted as we are by technology. Thank you Carrie!


Stacy Clinton

Communications strategist and nonprofit technologist


As a nonprofit executive director, I needed someone who could think effectively, work efficiently, and save me time and money. I hired Carrie to "take things off my plate." What I got was so much more. 


Carrie has helped me on numerous projects for Noe Valley Chamber Music, from fundraising mailings to our annual gala, from board development to volunteer management. She offers solutions to problems before they develop, because she has an innate ability to keep her eye on the big picture, while simultaneously focusing on the details. Carrie doesn't just offer advice on strategy, she also rolls her sleeves up and dives into the nitty gritty of the work, right there with me.


Carrie taught me so much about volunteer management in the two fundraising campaigns we worked on together, offering lessons in how to tailor development strategies to our client base, how to read donors and volunteers better to find their passions and nurture their interests. Then together we energized the board into creating a brand new individualized giving strategy. Working together over the course a year, Carrie and I brainstormed different ways to engage new audience. She helped me break the process down into its components, analyzed each step, then created a plan. In following the strategy, and in trying different solutions, we narrowed down the most effective ways to continue operating. Her outside-the-box thinking enabled our organization to develop new ways to reach audience members, and we were able to meet our aggressive individual giving and attendance goals.


I love working side by side with Carrie on a project and having her on my team. She amazes me with her breadth and depth of knowledge. She frees up my brain space, allows me to relax and makes me more effective at my job. With laser focus, a good sense of humor, and a talent for knowing when to be strategic and when to be tactical, Carrie is very capable of designing a strategy that allows me to work to my strengths with the sure knowledge that everything else is being taken care of accurately and efficiently.


It's been invaluable to me as an executive director of a small but growing nonprofit to find someone with this degree of strategic thinking as well as tactical execution.

Tiffany Loewenberg

Executive Director, Noe Valley Chamber Music



I worked for Carrie as an intern at Carrie Rice Consulting where I coordinated a series of workshops on Empathetic Nonprofit Management. Carrie has an inspiring mission of helping nonprofits thrive by using empathetic techniques to improve interactions between stakeholders, create individual donor programs, and develop board leadership. Carrie was very supportive of my ideas and helped me hone my leadership skills. The highlight of my tenure at CRC was co-presenting our work at the Nonprofit Learning Lab at Oakland before an audience of senior-level staff from nonprofits in the West Coast.

Jorge Castro

Currently seeking an entry-level nonprofit job


Although I did not directly work with Carrie, I directly reaped the positive results of her Interim Executive Directorship at Young Audiences of Northern California (YANC). As the permanent hire to the ED position, I am happy to report that Carrie really paved the way for some of the successes we are seeing the short time that I have been at YANC. She was able to leave behind clean and direct policies and procedures on a variety of key areas of the organization. Areas that I know needed some professional guidance and leadership. These areas included: financial accountability procedures and major fundraising event timelines and guides. She also guided the ED search and pulled together some loose ends of the Strategic Plan.

John Alecca

Executive DIrector, Young Audiences of Northern California


Everyone at Maker Ed was delighted to work with Carrie in conceiving of and executing our first fundraising event. We had an idea of what we wanted to do, and she helped us identify and think through the details; when some aspects went differently than expected, she was quick to see the opportunity in them and think of strategies that would allow us to capitalize on them. She was thoughtful, efficient and organized, allowing us to feel confident and prepared leading up to the event, and to focus on our guests the night of, knowing that Carrie would handle any hiccups seamlessly. I would recommend working with her without reservation.

Jakki Spicer

Director of Development, Maker Education


I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Carrie Rice in 2016. As an Executive Director new to fundraising, I sought out Carrie's help through fundraising strategy sessions to plan for key meetings and opportunities. Together we would discuss the opportunity, layout a plan, and then I would report back on my progress. This process was immensely beneficial and allowed me to see success after just a few months in the role. Carrie's genuine demeanor and enthusiastic encouragement was a welcome investment in my busy week!

Missy Rahman

Executive Director, Harboring Hearts


Carrie Rice is an extraordinary choice to help your non-profit achieve your goals. I have had an opportunity to know her from the successful events she managed at Congregation Sherith Israel and recommended her for a project manager position for Pocket Opera.

In late 2015, Pocket Opera hired Carrie for a project manager position for a gala to be held in late January 2016. The crunch was on and Carrie stepped in to make it happen! She reviewed the plans, offered excellent suggestions based on her best practices, recommended a freelance graphic designer who turned the project around quickly and beautifully. She determined where her skills would add the most value to our project and team and executed these on time. She coordinated with the event location staff and caterer, and on the day of the event,everything went smoothly with Carrie as the point person for all questions; freeing up our Executive Director to handle the talent portion of the event. In large part due to Carrie's help, Pocket Opera's event NETTED more money for this event than we had ever grossed!

Laura Olson

Laura Olson Consulting, Pocket Opera


Carrie's ability to create and manage a stellar program from start to finish is second to none. She is one of the rare executives who shines at every stage in program development and management, from initial concept to execution to follow up and evaluation.

Carrie combines a warm and pleasant personality with a sharp analytical mind and leverages both to maximum effect. The event she created and managed for our organization was a tremendous success and received accolades from all stakeholders and participants.


Carrie has the ability to coordinate the interests of diverse stakeholders into a coherent program strategy and then execute on that strategy. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking the best in program management.

Jason Bradfield

Strategic Finance Consultant, Parkview Consulting



I worked closely with Carrie at Congregation Sherith Israel when I was Development Director and she was Membership Director. We coordinated closely on efforts around member solicitation and communication — particularly with the Annual Fund and Capital Campaign.


Carrie always impressed me by her ability to connect with congregants. She really seemed to know everyone well which made her an amazing resource. Carrie helped in the determination of ask amounts and with solicitation strategy. She was a truly wonderful colleague — truly committed to her work, the organization, and the members of the community, but she still always took the time to help the rest of us in any way she could.

Abigail Leonard

Development Manager at Rising Sun Energy Center


Carrie’s organization skills, contacts, and personal touch made all the difference in planning our event. From the very first meeting we knew we were in good hands. She gently kept us on task and on schedule, dealt with a multitude of vendors, and reassured us every step of the way, culminating in a relaxing, fun, successful evening that received glowing reviews from all who attended.

Jean Atelsek, Managing Editor, Informa USA

Mike Edelhart, Lead Partner, Social Starts Fund


Her style is calm, quiet, even, and always professional (though she definitely knows how to work a crowd). Hers is the face you want to see when there's an issue of any size--whatever it is, Carrie's thorough, even approach will help you solve it, and is an asset to every project of which she is a part.

Her organization is matched only by her brilliance, which is matched only by her innate kindness.

Gabi Moskowitz

Producer of Young & Hungry at Disney ABC Television Group


I met Carrie when she was my first contact at Congregation Sherith Israel. Carrie responded with such warmth, was so helpful, and followed through so efficiently that I thought, "Wherever she’s organizing things, that’s where I want to be.” Over the years she has consistently been my go-to person when I need something done right, since I am not that person for myself. When I was planning my wedding, she neatly tucked in every little detail so I could focus on important things like swapping out the 3 pairs of shoes I insisted on wearing. She was also my point of contact for financial contributions, which was always a sensitive issue for me; she worked with me kindly, reaching out when I was too embarrassed to admit we couldn’t pay the full amount, and was trustworthy and compassionate in a way you just don’t see enough of these days. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Amy L. Keyishian

Associate Editor, Copy at Re/code



Carrie held several highly visible positions while I was on the Board of Trustees at Congregation Sherith Israel. I found her to be a dedicated professional who cared deeply about the organization and doing whatever she could to meet her goals with admittedly scarce resources.

She was often the "face" of the community, responsible for marketing and developing the member base. The organization surely misses her.

Allen Weinberg

Managing Partner and Co-Founder - Glenbrook Partners, Management Consultants



Carrie was a very welcoming presence at every event that I attended during my 3+ years of membership at Sherith Israel. I was always amazed at her ability to keep track of events in my life and the life of other community members, and to follow up sensitively on invitations, events and life cycle celebrations. She has a very inquisitive and creative mind, brimming with ideas about innovative non-profit programming. She's also a lot of fun, and able to connect authentically with lots of different people.

Jessica Carew Kraft

Journalist, Deputy Director of UC Berkeley Latest in Longform conference

Editorial Director, UC Hastings Magazine

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