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I take a multi-sensory approach to my work — hearing (listening deeply), seeing (analyzing the situation coolly, quickly, and with full information), and feeling (understanding the needs of the stakeholders). I am a strategic thinker, while still being tactical when necessary. I stay behind the scenes and set others up for success. I am a classic INFJ personality type on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).

From the time I was very young, I have loved a good project. When my siblings and I were still young enough to have a babysitter, I used to make up a project plan for the sitter to use for dinner, activities, and bath time. To this day, I am methodically organized, the type of person who alphabetizes my spices, keeps detailed to do lists on my iPhone, and dreams about living in the Container Store.


After more than a decade as a non-profit director, I currently enjoy working with various organizations on projects of any size. From soup to nuts, I provide creative strategic thinking and hands-on support. Before going into non-profit management, I worked as a project manager on technology projects including Y2K (remember that?).

I love coming into an organization and just listening with genuine curiosity and then asking questions. How have you done this event in the past? What's holding back your lay leadership? What would be a successful fundraiser for your organization right now?


In addition to all this experience, I have an M.A. in Public Policy and Women's Studies from The George Washington University and a B.A. in Psychology and Women's Studies from Michigan State University.


When not at work, I enjoy people-watching out of MUNI bus windows and cafés, long weekends in Russian River, Berkeley and Portland, playing LEGOs with my nephews, and using Oxford commas.

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